Cosmopolis cast section updated on IMDb: Who is Tom Archdeacon?

The casting section has been updated on Cosmopolis‘ IMDb cast page to include Tom Archdeacon.

cap from IMDb

This update has intrigued the chauffeurs. Is it legit? Who could he be playing? Chauffeur Deb thinks Shiner or Torval (security guy). “He looks like a big guy but Torval in the book is ugly.


Chauffeur M thinks Archdeacon could be one of the men who sits with Packer in his limo in the beginning of the book but not Torval because “he’s not big and scary enough.

What compliments to Mr. Archdeacon! He’s not a big, scary, ugly guy. Sucks for the guy we find out IS cast as Torval. I am void of thought since I’m waiting for the reading group to dive into DeLillo’s novel. However, I do agree that Archdeacon looks handsome and business sexy in this picture so maybe chauffeur Deb is right about Shiner…

Couldn't resist.

So what say you? Let’s speculate. 😉 Anyone done with the book (we start our reading group today)? What role could Tom Archdeacon play in Cosmopolis?

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14 Responses to Cosmopolis cast section updated on IMDb: Who is Tom Archdeacon?

  1. Haven’t read the book yet so can’t speculate, but I like you’re thinking. LOL!

    So, is this reading group private for the limo drivers, or did I miss an announcement/tweet about a read along?

  2. CougarTalks says:

    I think he is “Michael Chin” and I also think Giamatti plays “Shiner.”
    I’ve soon finished the book, and I tell you all – get ready for a VERY special film! Eric Packer will definately wash away all traces of Edward!

  3. Fab says:

    I was told to be speculating here instead of twitter. I came just because I’m scared of Packer’s shark LOL
    So, could be Danko. He’s 40 and a security guy. Could be also Ingram (the lucky Doctor). In the book only says he has a mustache but I don’t think it’s him. Shiner is young, nerd. Don’t think so either. So I’m betting in Danko for now 😉

  4. CougarTalks says:

    Yes “Danko” is another speculation, he looks a bit like I’m thinking “Danko” would look like. And “Chin” is 22 years, so that might be a younger actor.

  5. Thanks, Tink. Look forward to it.

  6. rpattzgirl says:

    Hmmmm, very interesting….

  7. RobCatCdn says:

    Great post Tink! I read an excerpt from the book somewhere on the Web and it included a dialogue between Eric and his chauffeur. I don’t remember any other character name mentionned while reading it though … I wonder why???? #Rob But based on what I read, the rapport and the pic above (looks like a friendly guy) … I think he’ll the chauffeur. 🙂 ❤

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