22 Responses to The Limo Makes A New Stop

  1. janners says:

    I must have one of these!! (looks for room on maxxed out credit card…..)

  2. DebbieCDC (aka Seattle Chik) says:

    OMG I have GOT to have a Nancy Babich T-shirt!!!! This is a MUST!!

  3. LuckyMeCandy says:

    I would die if I saw Eric Packer himself strutting through the airport with a Nancy Babitch tee. Of course he would have his own Torval in tow. 😉

  4. deb24601 says:

    Squee!!! Looks good M! I need the mug. Need. And I wonder if a bunch of people making a certain movie might get a kick out of those Nancy Babich tshirts? *ponders* I’m going to have to shell out for the express post though. Stupid Canada Post strike!!!!! *Orders tees in bulk* 😉

    • Marina H. says:

      Yeah I bought everything, lol. Let’s all drink coffee out of our mugs at the same time…

      I’m pretty sure a bunch of people making a certain movie would LOVE those shirts. They should wear them on set. all the time.


    • Y. K. says:

      Ah, curse the canada post strike! I don’t wanna spend $25 on shipping 😦

  5. janners says:

    Mug! Mug! Mug!!

  6. 4tlashes4erimus says:

    OK…all over the Nancy Babich tee…but would also love a T-shirt that says what the poster does…”Cosmopolis…get in the limo” Possible?? 🙂

  7. jay says:

    I would love a T shirt that has the cosomopolis logo with get in the limo on the back and rob as eric with the limo on the front

  8. Kim says:

    Ya’ll, well I just have to come back later, it’s happy hour!

  9. LOVE!! Sooooo cool, thanks!! ❤ And I love the banner btw – smexeh!! 🙂

  10. Kim says:

    I want a BABICH coffee mug stat! Must order one.
    For real?? Just checking.

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  12. shantiquerose says:

    Okay I guess I have ask a dumb question who is Nancy Babich? Could someone clue me in. I don’t remmber that name in the story Cosmopolis. I missing something here. I feel dumb.

  13. Janners says:

    “Get in the limo” or

    “Cosmopolis – He wanted to get a haircut”

  14. alexa3mmm says:

    I’m not a violent person and guns don’t normally bother me. But do you have items without the gun either than the poster?

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