PHOTOS: Robert Pattinson, Kevin Durand, and Mathieu Amalric on Cosmopolis set 6/28

An eventful night. 🙂 Robert Pattinson, Kevin Durand, and Mathieu Amalric shot this explosive scene last night (June 28th). Mathieu plays Andre Petrescu, the pastry assassin. Enjoy the gallery of pics showing the dress rehearsal and the filming.

Love this 🙂 Rob, Mathieu and Kevin

Kevin, Rob, and Mathieu walking around the set

David directing Rob, Kevin, and Mathieu 🙂


Mr. Packer is not pleased

Oh man the limo needs some help... 😉

Fighting with the paps...yes this is actually in the scene. 😉

Torval reduces the subject


Chauffeur Deb was down by the set along with some set soldiers. She has a great fan account to share including pics/vid from Suzie. I’ll also do a BOOK post later in the day for folks that are wondering what the hell is going on in these pics. 😉


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7 Responses to PHOTOS: Robert Pattinson, Kevin Durand, and Mathieu Amalric on Cosmopolis set 6/28

  1. Kazrob says:

    I have to go to work in an hour so I will have to wait until tonight for all your info.
    I CAN’T WAIT! Pics were incredible. This is such a weird and wonderfilm…pure Cronenberg and Delillo…I bet Rob is just loving this shoot!
    I enjoy your format of putting out chapters of the book to match up with the pics. It gives me so much more insight into the way the book (and film) unfolds. Thank you to all chauffeurs for this. You are all awesome!
    Chauffeur Deb…you lucky set soldier you!

  2. mary says:

    OMG! I’m speechless! I can’t believe that i’m seeing these scenes and it’s exactly how i imagined it. The pie on Rob’s face, his fighting with paps (for sure he’ll do this part very All i can say that it seems like Cronenberg left no important details from the book.

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  4. Kim says:

    Excellent pics, thanks for sharing them ladies!
    Lol it looks like getting pied in his movies i t urning into a habit for Rob – he got pied in WFE, now he gets pied again in Cosmopolis 🙂

  5. Marion says:

    Oh my god, I didn’t even notice Almaric, Im used to see him with his brown hair, wow!!!! now Im all so excited to see him next to Rob, that’s just AMAZING!!!

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