SPECIAL POST: Car party in the limo for Chauffeur Deb!

What a great time to be writing this post! Me and M already got the bubbly open in the limo and we’ve been drinking before midnight ET. Why you ask? Because chauffeur Debb is awesome!

Little did M and I know when she made this paper how much of a BANG Deb’s birthday would go off. As I type, Debb is on set and miracles have happened for her birthday. The amazing Caitlin Cronenberg, stills photographer for Cosmopolis, was speaking to Debbbb. At that time, Debb gifted Caitlin with a Nancy Babich tee as well as one for David Cronenberg.

Caitlin walked away for a bit but returned with one of the film producers! He said he wanted a shirt and also gave us accolades for the blog. 🙂 As if that wasn’t enough, Debbb tweeted this:

Well there ya go. My jaw is still dropped.

I don’t know much else about tonight or if there will be pictures. I’ll know when filming is over and I blow up her phone when she writes her set soldier report. Until then, let’s all toast Deb and her birthday.

*raises glass*

Debbbbbb, we couldn’t adore you more. You are such a bright light and this ride wouldn’t be the same without you. In fact, I wouldn’t take this ride without you. It’s amazing how things are meant to be. You were meant to join H2O along with me. I was meant to meet M and it was meant for her to be with us in the limo. I don’t know if all of these things are going to take us somewhere else but I know I’m blessed with what I already have: a loving, funny, compassionate friend.

Happy birthday lovely lady!

We know you’re having a blast. 😉 *cranks up the music and passes around more bubbly*

UPDATE: Oooooooooh yeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!! TIB!

Right HERE! Get cha Nancy Babich right HERE! *obscene pelvic thrusts*

UPDATE #2: :’)

UPDATE #3: SERIOUSLY crying for Deb :’) This encounter is gonna blow my mind. 

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38 Responses to SPECIAL POST: Car party in the limo for Chauffeur Deb!

  1. rpattzgirl says:

    Happy Birthday Deb!!!!!

  2. Marina H. says:

    Happy Birthday Deb!! You’re the bestest set soldier ever and I love you to bits!


    Enjoy your special day and thank you so much for all that you do for us. I’m SURE David wore his shirt for you because it was your birthday. He knew. HE KNEEEEW!

    All my love and smooches! <3<3

  3. Calihi27 says:

    Awwww, Happy Birthday Deb! And what an AWESOME way to spend it! On the set of Cosmopolis! What an epic night for you!!! 🙂

  4. Happy birthday, Deb! Looks like you got a fantastic gift already. You’re getting the hang of this set stalking. And it’s because you (all of you!) do it with class, just like you did on the H2O blog and now on this one.

  5. 4tlashes4erimus says:

    Happy, happy, happy birthday Deb!!! 🙂 Sending you the love <333333333333

  6. LuckyMeCandy says:

    Awwwwwwwww….how sweet is this post??!! Fruitcake for friendship!

    What an incredible way to spend your birthday Deb! I don’t have to wish you luck or best wishes because you’ve got that in the bag baby! Enjoy the ride. Live and breath in each moment. Cheers to you.

  7. Mitts40 says:

    Happy Birthday Deb! Have a wonderful day! Loving all your set soldier experiences! You make us fangirl proud. *tipping hat in chauffeur style*
    A toast to Deb and Nancy B!

  8. Blackrose26 says:

    Happy birthday Deb!

  9. MPV says:


    What a great way to celebrate your Bday!! and what a lovely bunch of people are Caitlin and David Cronenberg, as well as the one producer that wanted a t-shirt too. I´m glad Rob is working with such great group of human, not only talented but good people.

  10. Red_Hed_Lust says:

    Happy Birthday, Debb! Cheers to you (And all of you guys)! And OMFG DC wearing the shirt is just cool beyond words!

  11. Annamarie says:

    Happy Birthday Deb and many more

  12. robsexme says:

    Happy! Happy B-Day Deb!! Wow! You really did a bang-up job of celebrating your birthday! 😀
    I can’t express how happy this makes me! It’s just mahvelous! I can’t get to TO fast enough to give you a tight hug! xo

  13. Loisada says:

    I know your birthday was gleefully happy Deb, thanks to the generous Cosmopolis crew. So here’s wishing you survived it in one sane piece and bring back a great tale of movie making magic! Film crews and casts are one whacky bunch, aren’t they? I’m sure you fit right in and enjoyed every minute. Thanks for being a diligent and determined reporter. Cosmopolis is turning out to be a ride to never forget, thanks to our hard-working gypsy chauffeurs!

  14. Kate says:

    Happy Birthday Deb!
    Seriously squeeeing for you here! Don’t need to say that I hope you have a great birthday coz you already are!!!!

  15. ABV says:

    Omg,you lucky lucky lady…*Happy B’day to you*….you’re a great Chauffeur and news maker for Us,keep up the good work.

  16. Kazrob says:

    Happy Birthday Deb, I am so happy for you that you got to celebrate your birthday in THE most best way possible!
    David Cronenberg wearing a Nancy Babich T is incredible!
    I salute one of the best set soldiers EVAH ♥

  17. Dallianna says:

    dear cotedetexas you are embarrassing. Please sit down and stfu. These girls have done N-O-T-H-I-N-G to you! They’re nice, respectful ladies. They have ALWAYS been respectful of Rob and Kristen. Get over yourselves.

  18. Dallianna says:


    Happy Birthday, Deb! Glad you got to meet Rob on this special occasion.

  19. blondemel47 says:

    You sad cow! Why be so bitchy? Oh yeah let me think – jealous not (sarcasm)!!! If you dont have anything nice or constructive to say then please keep your gob shut. I’m sure you’ll be sadly missed here (NOT!)
    Well done Deb & Hope you have a great Birthday!!

  20. Happy Birthday Deb!!!!!!
    You put so much love into this site, you deserved to have an awesome day 🙂

  21. patzy says:

    Ah tooo bad an angry robsten fan got frustate dont know where kristen was then slap this awesome site and grumpy about nancy babich tshirt and spoil Deb’s birthday.

    Anyway, happy birthday Deb, thanks for being awesome fan and give us report. Rob wishes you a birthday in person! ! You deserve it baby

  22. Butterfly25 says:

    OMG, David in a Nancy Babich T-shirt! This is so amazing! He looks really badass. I can’t wait to see Rob wearing this T-shirt:D
    Happy Birthday Deb! I’m sure that receiving birthday wishes from Rob himself must have been your best birthday present ever:)

  23. smittenkitten says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEB!!! OMG, pictures & tshirts & bday tweets…what a rock star night! Way to go bb, I know you had a blast…it looks like so much fun!

    *the picture with him is to die for…dean looks good too*

  24. Melissa says:

    Hope you have a wonderful birthday. You have given us a great present with your insights into the filming and making the book come alive. 🙂

  25. Dalva says:

    All the best Deb!
    I only know you through your posts which show to me that you are one passionate, extremely funny and dedicated person and all this great stuff happening to you on your bday makes complete sense to me. I wish you all the good stuff you wish for yourself 🙂
    Also, it was a pleasure to read this post, @Tink, the people who have you for a friend can consider themselves fortunate.

  26. pinkcandleskcandles says:

    happy birthday deb! what an awesome way to spend your birthday!

    ps. so awesome that rob is wearing a SAN DIEGO PADRES cap!!!!!!
    (i’m from san diego ;D )

  27. jcopas1 says:

    Great day for the memories file! You and your hard work are much appreciated! Happy Birthday!

  28. venus08 says:

    A very Happy Birthday to you Deb! Hope you have a wonderful day, enjoy 🙂

  29. LizzieB says:

    Happy Birthday Deb! Loved meeting you at the H20 Cocktails for Team Rosie. What an awesome birthday experience that couldn’t have happened to a nicer person. Thanks for sharing all of your set soldier updates and letting us live vicariously through your great pictures, descriptions, and witty writing. Enjoy your special day!

  30. PullMyDaisy2 says:

    AHEM….PullMyDaisy2 the pro singer clears her throat and hits a middle “C” on the piano…..
    (AND MANY MORE,,,,,,,,,)

    So proud of our COSMO gals and “Random Acts of Rob” alumni!!!!!
    YOU GIRLS ROCK! Such dedicated Rob hoors and workin it hard for us Rob hoors out here.
    THANKS for all of the great work you guys are doing as set soldiers on the COSMO set and here on the cosmo website. I “CUM” here (TWSS) every day to get my Rob fix and you all never disappoint.

    So I raise my heiney HIGH and hope that your hangover is a mild one.
    PARTY ON GARTH…..PARTY ON WAYNE….. Hope you have a blast today!

  31. PullMyDaisy2 says:

    Glad that wasn’t towards me… 😉
    What’d I miss? More drama? Whatever it was, I’m glad I you guys removed it. Nobody should ruin Deb’s birthday! Get the whip. FIFTY….escort that woman from the red room. No more (pleasurable) flogging for her. 🙂 ARO has something special for her…. buhahahhahhahaha.

  32. deb24601 says:

    Well, hot dam. You guys are going to make me cry (again). I read this post at the Cosmo set last night and cried a little. All movie stuff aside, Tink and Marina are the best co-chauffeurs and friends a girl could ever have. We laugh, we cry, we come up with crazy ideas and laugh some more. They are there for the fun stuff and they are there when I need them. Rob life, blog life and real life. I love them.

    Your comments mean so much to me. This is the best birthday ever. Ever. I can’t imagine having all these adventures and not being able to share them. Thanks for reading and coming along for the ride in the limo. <33333333333333 *runs out of '3s' 😉

    M, love the paper. Love. Like BANG love.

    Tink. You know we're like peas and carrots….

  33. rdmickey1989 says:

    Squeals……OMG DEB. We will never ever get the smile off your face. Sticks out chest proudly with you. I see the shirt!! **fist pumps** Look at the RAoR girls!!

    What a great way to spend your b-day bb.

    *throws confetti* Happy Happy B-day (but I know it already is)

  34. Kim says:

    Happy Bday Deb, lost a day or two or three… was waiting to see the Babich tshirts, nice!
    I’m waiting on a coffee mug with a pistol on the front…will give me memories of the chauffeurs and limo…Rob and movie making..huh!

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  36. OMG!! Deb – that’s just epic. Sorry I’m late with the birthday wishes but I’m guessing you’re still on an amazing Rob/Cosmopolis high….that’s seriously, seriously wonderful babe. I couldn’t be happier for you. Sending big hugs. Thanks to you lovelies for sharing all the excitement with us – just love reading about all of this and sharing the adventure with you guys. <3333
    Great desktop M!! 🙂

  37. RobsessedCindy says:

    Holy shit Debb! Best birthday story ever awesome!

  38. RobCatCdn says:

    Sorry I missed your birthday Deb! #Internet.fail I could not be happier for you and the great gift that you received on your special day … birthday wishes from Rob and Caitlin and David wearing the NB shirt. How cool is that??!!

    Deb … you are truly one of the nicest, sweetest and funniest person I have never met. You hold a very special place in my heart after knowing you for such a long time. I hope your birthday was the most joyous (and I think that it was) and that you were showered with gifts and love from your real and virtual family & friends. You deserve it sweety! Love you sofa king much! {smooches} ❤

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