PHOTO: Goûchy Boy and Kanaan on the Cosmopolis Set 7/30/11

I was browsing through our newest affiliate, Cosmopolis Italia’s site earlier today and I came up on something we’d never seen before!

Goûchy Boy, who is cast as Kozmo in Cosmopolis, tweeted a picture with Kanaan, who is playing Brutha Fez in the film!!/Gouchy71/status/97487455699206145

Many of you may remember when we got a glimpse of Kozmo and Eric Packer on set when Goûchy Boy gave us a sneak peek in July.!/Gouchy71/status/97476617399570432

The scene with Eric and Kozmo at Brutha Fez’s funeral is one of my favorite parts in the book.  I can’t wait to see it on film!

Thanks to Cosmopolis Italia and Goûchy Boy for sharing the photo!



About Marina H.

Graphic designer living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Lover of music, art, fonts, good film and handsome actors :)
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