11 Responses to Chauffeur M: The Wallpapers ~ The One With The Pact of Untouchability

  1. LuckyMeCandy says:

    *Stares straight into Chauffeur M’s eyes*

    Beautiful paper

  2. That passage is so extraordinary, how DeLillo distills the street ballet of Manhattan down to one paragraph is amazing. How he can convey all that in one short paragraph is just amazing. What a writer he is….and what a great film this is going to be. The photo is just perfect for that excerpt. I feel myself wanting to read Cosmopolis again, and I definitely will before the film comes out.

  3. Sus says:

    I love this! I need to go read Cosmopolis. Haven’t gotten it yet!

  4. this passage is sooooo New Yawk…I love it! great job

  5. LOVE it 🙂 Stunning wallpaper, as always Marina. Thanks for sharing <33

  6. Kim says:

    Awesome…makes me for sure to reread the book. You know it’s in there you just don’t remember every wonderful phrase with so much meaning. Anywho, the South used to be so different from the North in it’s walking & greeting, say 20 years ago. Now we are catching up to NYC, shame!
    Thinking how appropriate and timed this movie will be. Think I’ll smile Marina, just cause you said it!

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  8. Dalva says:

    THIS.IS.A.GREAT.POST! Thank you M!

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  10. abbeysbooks says:

    You can never make eye contact in the subway in NYC. It could be worth your life to forget that.

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