6 Responses to Manhole Monday – Week 9

  1. LuckyMeCandy says:

    Burbank! Gah a shiny new spiffy clean manholes! LOVES! And Crabapple is quite the opposite with it’s grease trap manhole. There are way too man jokes there so I’ll just let that one sizzle! 😀 Lovely manholes as ever M. Thank you.

  2. KrissieE says:

    Now that song will be stuck in my head all day!
    You are so much fun.

  3. Ausgirl101 says:

    Another great post Chauffuer M. I LOVE that the power of Cosmopolis and #MM stretches to Bosnia. Why aren’t there more colourful manholes? Or ARE there? Where oh where will you take us next?

  4. Kim says:

    Ya’ll my manhole is now famous. It’s on an international movie blog!

  5. Dalva says:

    *shouting Danger Stooooorm, Grease Traaaaaaap* LOL these are all great (no offense but I think I all the Canadian ones are my favs) Burbank looks like some secret passage to somewhere and seeing mine here makes it look much less ordinary than when I took the photo, thanks M!

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