5 Responses to Chauffeur M: The Wallpapers ~ The One Where He Put On His Sunglasses

  1. Sue says:

    For some odd reason….I had a different thought cross my mind…..hum???? “He scanned its length and felt connected to it”

  2. LuckyMeCandy says:

    Beautiful paper. Could Cronenberg have picked a better Eric than Robert Pattinson? He certainly looks the part! I’m fairly certain he has acted tremendously as well! Thanks M!

  3. Dalva says:

    Beautiful paper, so smooth, controlled, gray and …lifeless, Eric as the building, merely reflecting what’s outside? Love it how every single concept, every single word in this book is important. Yes, the inside Eric and the outside Eric, he’s so composed in the beginning, with sunglasses to cover the place through which it is said the soul of a man can be seen….and his “inside” will eventually surface throughout the day, to show more and more how disheveled, un-composed he becomes. There’ll be no more surface as a barrier, a separator of what’s inside from the outside, the surface will become something that connects the outside with the inside, nothing can be separated from anything else, no man is an island….I’ll definitely be thinking about surfaces (um….and Eric in the shower LOL), thanks for the inspiration Marina 🙂

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  5. abbeysbooks says:

    Considering surfaces, insides and outsides, and the shower (sex) resonates with the interfacing of Eric Packer’s whole being with the screen, the market, the numbers twinkling by indicating the rise and fall of the yen, – yen, yearning, – wanting? – yes, by god – a haircut, that most trivial of things to decide to want since you don’t know what of value you might want, because you are in such a consumer conundrum you don’t know what you want. So let’s want a haircut! That’s an easy thing to want. No problema.

    But what that wanting – and its journey – is going to lead to!

    I used your fine image Marina and gave you credit and a link so I hope that’s OK. If not just say so and I’ll take it down.

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