5 Responses to Chauffeur M: The Wallpapers ~ The One Where He Stood At The Window

  1. Kazrob says:

    I love his power too….
    The shine of the belt buckle and the glint of his watch…
    The pants pulled taut by the width of his hands in his pockets.
    Wide apart stance.

    It kinda screams power……

  2. LOVE!! Seriously cool and I agree – love the stance, suit, power….mmmm. 🙂 Congrats on 50 papers here – that’s fantastic!!

  3. Kazrob says:

    Sorry for my rudeness but I forgot to congratulate you Marina! 50 wallpapers! (It was the stance…I’m blaming the stance)
    I love this site and all your contributions. For one thing it has enlightened me no end in the workings of Eric’s mind and a greater understanding of the book!
    Your wallpapers always leave me wanting more…..

  4. gardenlilie says:

    This is definitely a cool site…have enjoyed it. Wow does that mean we’ve been here 50 weeks, don’t think so. Congrats! Great limo ride.

  5. Janners says:



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