21 Responses to PHOTO: New Cosmopolis Promo Poster & Release Date

  1. I’m way excited but it’s SO far away!!

  2. Jay says:

    What scene is that from?

  3. deb24601 says:

    I can’t tell exactly but it’s very early in the day. Sun coming up behind him, he’s still ‘put together’, I’d wager pre-breakfast. He still thinks he can chart the yen…

  4. blondemel47 says:

    Packer looking good – great to have firm date but long way off yet – still lovely to have the new pic! Yahoo!!

  5. Rory says:

    Wow! He looks so intense… Kind of insane. I know the date is far off but the numbers… It is just so eerie. Love it. It will be in Theatres at the same time as Breaking Dawn… Releasing a month after. That will be good for business.


  6. Dalva says:

    …and so it begins. I love it, pensive Eric, it made me think of the gull scene for some reason. Oh, and the date…W.O.W, so weird these little concidences, aren’t they?
    A year to go but, yeah, I’ll still be here, soooo looking forward to all the madness 🙂

  7. SO excited!! Can’t wait.

  8. Notebookgirl72 says:

    I’m more excited about the promo of this film than any other Rob movie so far. I think we’re going to be blown away when the movie releases. Thank you DC!

    • Tessa says:

      I just found this site and I am excited, looking forward to seeing Robert Pattinson in this movie. If he plays this role like he did in Remember Me, I’m going to be haunted forever. Robert has “grown up”. Welcome to the adult world! OMG!

  9. gkngc04 says:

    Well…is it wrong to say I will be there even if the world is ending? Besides being with my husband and son there is nowhere else that I would rather be than with Robert Pattinson …..what a way to go.

  10. mcguire4 says:


  11. 4tlashes4erimus says:

    I’m just so excited about this film!! I love the poster…great shot and the intensity it conveys.

  12. ABV says:

    OMF……I’m so excited,he’s the BOMB!

    12.12.12…..here we come!

  13. KIM says:

    I hope we’ll see a clearer, bigger version of this pic soon!!

  14. Susan_rsm says:

    Can’t wait! *happy dance* 🙂

  15. LTavares2011 says:

    I agree with Kim. I hope that we `ll see a clearer and bigger version of this picture soon!! and the beginning of a huge, prosperous, exciting, nice and massive PR campaign for this great film. Festivals, premiéres, magazine covers… everything it deserves.

  16. Xenia Nova says:

    Ah that’s in Russia – awesome! 🙂

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