7 Responses to Manhole Monday – Week 25

  1. deb24601 says:

    Love the two Londons! LOL DH is in Calgary on business, I’ll ask him to snap a Calgary manhole for you. #sobrazen #backfiring

    Manhole Monday jokes never get old. Never.

    Happy Monday all!

  2. Jaxx says:

    The one from London, England says ‘Thames Water’ on it! That’s who I work for! Woop! 😀

  3. Just sent you a few! 🙂

  4. ABV says:

    Wow I can’t believe this has been going all that time…It feels like yesterday when you started this Minnie,btw,thanks for keeping it up…

  5. Janners says:

    Anyone else wonder if Rob stepped on the one from London, UK? Le sighhhhhh…..

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