ROUNDUP: New Robert Pattinson and David Cronenberg Photo, Australian Distribution Info & More

First up in the roundup post is a great picture of Robert Pattinson and David Cronenberg from the Cosmopolis wrap party last summer.

Click HERE if you want to view more pictures from the wrap party.

We recently started our Release Dates page. You can find it in the menu bar under The Film as a drop down item. It’s a work in progress right now but some countries are already lucky enough to know their release date. Click HERE to check it out.

One of the dates on the page is for Australia. You can click the link for each country to view the source. Oz also has the official facebook page for their Cosmopolis distributor: Icon Film Distribution Australia

Click HERE if you’re from down under and want to follow Icon on facebook. They have a VERY spoilery description of the film on their page. Thanks RPAustralia for the heads up!

Lastly, there was a great read from Criminal Complex about Cosmopolis, Cronenberg and the casting of Pattinson.

What is it with grim literary giants partnering with champion directors these days? Yesterday it was Ridley Scott and Cormac McCarthy. Today comes news of David Cronenberg tackling the tangled material of Don DeLillo, Cosmopolis. Cronenberg did his career a real solid when he broke from the “grand guignol of sexual perversion” genre and into the “crime” genre, and there’s little doubt he’ll do justice to Cosmopolis‘ vision of twisted Manhattan.

I lost no faith in this vision even after learning that the lead in Cosmopolis will be Robert Pattinson. Edward Cullen will lose his sparkle when under Cronenberg’s seamy hand.

Why am I so certain? Like any good gambler, I’m going to the track record.

Answer me this – what has Robert Pattinson done beyond stand in the soft-focus spotlight of Twilight? Less than half an hour of screen time in Harry Potter? Nothing much beside that? Exactly.

This kid may be known to billions, but he’s still an unknown quantity. Sure, his agent has shoe-horned him into brand-friendly heart-throb roles like Water for Elephants and Remember Me. Those don’t test his mettle, though. They’re tailor-made to do just the opposite: Deliver the role expected.

It’s when an actor breaks the mold that we see their worth – or lack thereof. Witness Adam Sandler’s struggles to wrest himself into dismal dramas. Then balance the scales with what going from Big to Philadelphia did for Tom Hanks’ career.

The role for Pattinson in Cosmopolis is far from indestructible. The synopsis describes it as “a billionaire Wall Street broker travelling on a odyssey through Manhattan to get a haircut.” I’d describe it as a Big Apple Ulysses, soaked in sex, assassins, Oedipal complex and more sex.

Bottom line: This ain’t your tween’s Mormon soft-core we’re talking here, folks.

Click HERE to finish reading the article. 🙂 That’s a wrap!

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3 Responses to ROUNDUP: New Robert Pattinson and David Cronenberg Photo, Australian Distribution Info & More

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  2. Marina H. says:

    I’m going to go ahead and ignore the fact that Rob is wearing a Dodgers hat while wearing a San Francisco Alcatraz t-shirt. At least, I’m going to try REALLY REALLY HARD.

    In other news. YAY EVERYTHING ELSE! lol

  3. Dalva says:

    I love this photo. It breathes with enjoyment and relaxation after good work is done. Cro in a state of zen 🙂

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