Interview: Kevin Durand talks Torval and Eric + a new BTS still with Durand, Robert Pattinson and David Cronenberg

Love hearing about the interactions between Torval and Eric. The father/son thing really jumped out at me too; Torval is irritated and then amused, concerned and frustrated with Eric in turns. The eye contact thing is HUGE… but more about that when Chauffeur Tink and I post our reviews.

David Cronenberg, Robert Pattinson and Kevin Durand on the set of Cosmopolis

This is an excerpt so be sure to head over to suite101 to read the rest. Kevin talks about what’s next for him and his Canadian roots.

Kevin Durand’s Torval, chief of security for 28 year old billionaire Eric  Packer, played by Robert Pattinson, has lost his patience. Eric and Torval have  a complicated relationship in David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis, which escalates  over the course of the film. It is set almost exclusively inside Packer’s limo  as it heads across town. Torval walks alongside the car, checking Packer’s many  visitors, so he’s privy to the events that occur inside. The more outrageous,  the angrier he gets. And according to Durand, his personal relationship with  Pattinson was somewhat difficult too. We spoke with Durand in Toronto.

Torval tolerates Eric, and he tends to see him better than anyone else does and feels disdain for him. Was that intentional or did I read that in?

Durand: From when I first read it I thought he was more than just chief of security relationship with this financial iconic kid. It was kind of father son-ish in some ways, seeing someone who over the years come sot care for this kid. He’s doing the dumbest things and constantly putting me in danger. It is layered, there is a lot happening, a lot of affection too and loathing. It’s all there.

Robert Pattinson said he had ideas for his onscreen relationship with Torval. Did you ever discuss it?

Durand: He didn’t really have to think of it. He’s used to a lot of security and so it was natural. It was important to him because especially in this film, his life is in Torval’s hands. There were times when I was reading the script I asked myself so many questions. Does he like this kid? Does he want to kill this kid? There were so many things going on. Ultimately he was just trying to keep him alive.

There are moments when you’re looking at him and there is real fire.

Durand: I can’t believe it but it’s a daily thing for him. It was hard for me to get into that too much. It was the second scene we shot and I was frustrated. I was getting angry that he wasn’t looking at me. It was either his choice or David’s choice but he never makes eye contact with me so immediately that informs you of your place. I remember I had to pull it back and make it sit. You’re feeling “What am I?” This real classist thing. There was disdain for him but he was also entertained by the ridiculous shit he talks about, like saying how perky a woman’s breasts were. It’s like, “How do you get away with this shit?” I would be in prison. It’s an interesting mix of disdain and admiration.

Cronenberg’s description of his direction seemed like he’s a  little removed.

Durand: It was actually amazing. I worked on the text for so long before I sent the  audition in. Once he saw the audition, he said yes, perfect. We sat down and I  was going to ask all this information, where is he from, what was his childhood  like. So I go “So you want to talk about it?” and he goes “No!” Wow! God bless  him. It was a relief because I did that work before I showed up.


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4 Responses to Interview: Kevin Durand talks Torval and Eric + a new BTS still with Durand, Robert Pattinson and David Cronenberg

  1. Jay says:

    And when will your reviews be posted? *need fix* *getting fidgetty*

    Seriously, you chauffeurs write so well, I really do look forward to your comments.

    • deb24601 says:

      Thanks Jay! We are planning to have the reviews up by Friday when the film opens in the UK. Then we’ll open up the comments for major spoilers. It’s gonna be fun. 🙂

    • tinkrbe1l3 says:

      this is so kind of you. part of me is procrastinating (i know deb is too) because we’re updating the blog with all the news, im working on my other blog (Robsessed), deb is herding children…and we sometimes don’t think people are interested in our thoughts so we put it off. we have MANY thoughts about Cosmopolis. you can’t NOT have many thoughts. like deb said, we have plans to post by Friday. that’s our deadline LOL

      it’ll be cool for US promo too because we’re going to revisit everything. there will be a whole new slew of people that have feelings and thoughts about Cosmopolis and will want info and want to discuss.

      ok…im off to write my portion. this was motivating 🙂

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