David Cronenberg attending NYC screenings of Cosmopolis + more theater information for the US

Indiewire, in their list of 12 films you must see in August, named Cosmopolis #1 and said it’s a “much more thought provoking star-powered cinematic option than almost anything else this summer.” Now what options are there for you to see the film when it’s released in the US on Aug. 17th?

David: Robert, I can’t find Cosmopolis listed anywhere.
Rob: It’s right here, David. Right here.

Cosmopolis opens in NYC and LA on Aug. 17th. David Cronenberg will be at 2 screenings on that Friday, Aug. 17th:

Director David Cronenberg in person at 6:30pm and 9:15pm screenings on August 17! These screenings will take place in the Walter Reade Theater. All other screenings in the Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center.

Click HERE to purchase tickets to those shows and also to see other showtimes at those theaters. Continue to search your local theaters in NYC for the Aug. 17th release date.

Los Angeles, the film will open at Landmark Theater in Westwood. Click HERE to buy tickets.

For more theater options in other cities starting Aug. 24th, read more after the cut!

Via Robsessed:

It’s showing in LandmarkTheatres in these places

Boston: Kendall Square Cinema
Chicago: Landmark’s Century Centre Cinema
Indianapolis: Keystone Art Cinema
Los Angeles: The Landmark
New York: Sunshine Cinema
San Diego: Hillcrest Cinemas
San Francisco: Embarcadero Center Cinema
San Francisco East Bay: Shattuck Cinemas
Washington DC: E Street Theatre

Palm Desert CACinemas Palme d’Or

And at…….
Phoenix: HarkinsTheatres

It’s listed in these Laemmle Theatres

North Hollywood:
 Noho 7
Pasadena: Playhouse 7
Claremont: Claremont 5

Continue to check your local listings!

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4 Responses to David Cronenberg attending NYC screenings of Cosmopolis + more theater information for the US

  1. gardenlilie says:

    Chauffeur Tink…do you need something for that headache? I will see this film n think of you all when I do…will wear my partay shoes 🙂 How about a southern showing? Atlanta?

  2. luckymecandy says:

    Boo hoo from South Carolina. 😦

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