FLASHBACK: Funny, detailed, thoughtful, hour-long press conference with David Cronenberg and Cosmopolis cast

On June 4th, Robert Pattinson, Paul Giamatti, Sarah Gadon, Emily Hampshire, Kevin Durand with producer Martin Katz and director David Cronenberg brought Cosmopolis home to Toronto for the Canadian premiere. The hour long press conference was funny and insightful. With the US release date 2 weeks away (Aug. 17/NYC  & LA – Aug. 24/wider release), we wanted to repost the videos with our notes for you to revisit again or watch for the first time.

l-r: Sarah Gadon, Kevin Durand, David Cronenberg, Robert Pattinson, Emily Hampshire, Paul Giamatti

Video one: General introduction and preliminary questions from the press conference moderator. Emily Hampshire and Kevin Durand also share their audition stories.

Video two: Discussing the adapting of the novel and the script strength. Paul discusses his worry about filming two movies at once and how he prepared for the role of Benno.

Video three: Questions for Sarah and Kevin. Rob is asked about his initial fear of playing Eric, preparing to film and the first days shooting with Jay Baruchel. He mentions the only thing about Eric Packer that he feels relates to his own real life. (Can you guess what it is?)

Video four: Question about fans on set and Rob’s fan base seeing this film. The chauffeurs really like this part. David talks about fan web sites and some girl giving him a Nancy Babich shirt 😉

Video five: Lots of discussion about the difference between writing novels and scripts. Paul and Rob talk about the dynamic between Eric and Benno as well as the fantastic set for the final scene.

Video six: Benno’s towel meaning? Interesting talk about some actors being told to read the book and others not. Bonus: London whale confusion ends the press conference on a very funny note.

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