BOOK: Going deeper into new Cosmopolis stills with Robert Pattinson, Paul Giamatti, and Mathieu Amalric

The Playlist scored a couple of exclusive stills for US promotion that launched me straight into the film. I couldn’t resist posting the amazing DeLillo dialogue that goes along with the images.

This shot contains one of my favorite dialogues in the film. I love it like I’m married to it. So let’s take a look:

Eric: Richard. Listen.

Benno: I want to be known as Benno.

Eric: You’re unsettled because you feel you have no role, you have no place. But you have to ask yourself whose fault this is. Because in fact there’s very little for you to hate in this society. Think.

Benno: Think.

Eric: Violence needs a cause, a truth.

Benno: There’s nothing in the world but other people. I had this thought one day. It was the thought of my life. I’m surrounded by other people. It’s buy and sell. It’s let’s have lunch. I thought look at them and look at me. Light shines through me on the street. I’m what’s the word, pervious to visible light. I thought all these other people. I thought how did they get to be who they are. It’s banks and car parks. It’s airline tickets in their computers. It’s restaurants filled with people talking. It’s people signing the merchant copy. It’s people taking the merchant copy out of the leather folder and then signing it and separating the merchant copy from the customer copy and putting their credit card in their wallet. This alone could do it. It’s people who have doctors who order tests for them. This alone. I’m helpless in their system that makes no sense to me. You want me to be a helpless robot soldier but all I could be was helpless. It’s women’s shoes. It’s all the names they have for shoes. It’s all those people in the park behind the library, talking in the sun.

Just you wait, guys. Just you wait. POWERFUL. It’s also the scene I asked David Cronenberg about during the Q&A in Toronto. 🙂

Mathieu Amalric was on fire during his monologue. It’s a fantastic scene and quite comical too…

André Petrescu: I am after you long time. Son of bitch. I glop you good. Today you are crèmed by the master, André Petrescu, the pastry assassin. This is my mission worldwide. To sabotage power and wealth. I am three years waiting for this. Fresh baked only. I pass up president of the United States to make this strike. I crème him any time. You are major statement, I tell you this. Very hard to zero in.

Are you ready for Cosmopolis, or what??

Check out a couple more stills and promotional images in the gallery below.

You can find ALL stills HERE in our stills gallery!

Photos by Caitlin Cronenberg via Source | Source 

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