Cosmopolis will premiere in New York at the Museum of Modern Art. Eric Packer would approve.

If you’ve read Cosmopolis, you know about Eric, Didi and the Rothko Chapel. If you’ve seen Cosmopolis, you know too plus the cool nod to Pollock and Rothko. Now the film will have its US premiere in New York City on Aug. 13th at the Museum of Modern Art.

Mr. Packer would approve of the venue, non? He’s got a thing for art…

DIDI: There’s a Rothko in private hands that I have privileged knowledge of. It is about to become available.

ERIC: You’ve seen it.

DIDI: Three or four years ago. Yes. And it is luminous.

ERIC: What about the chapel?

DIDI: What about it?

ERIC: I’ve been thinking about the chapel.

DIDI: You can’t buy the goddamn chapel.

ERIC: How do you know? Contact the principals.

DIDI: I thought you’d be thrilled about the painting. One painting. You don’t have an important Rothko. You’ve always wanted one. We’ve talked about this.

ERIC: How many paintings in his chapel?

DIDI: I don’t know. Fourteen. Fifteen.

ERIC: If they sell me the chapel, I’ll keep it intact. Tell them.

DIDI: Keep it intact where?

ERIC: In my apartment. There’s sufficient space. I can make more space.

DIDI: But people need to see it.

ERIC: Let them buy it. Let them outbid me.

DIDI: Forgive the pissy way I say this. But the Rothko Chapel belongs to the world.

ERIC: It’s mine if I buy it. How much do they want for it?

DIDI: They don’t want to sell the chapel. And I don’t want to give you lessons in self-denial and social responsibility. Because I don’t believe for a minute you’re as crude as you sound.

“I want you to go to the chapel and make an offer.
Whatever it takes.
I want everything that’s there. Walls and all.”

In case you can’t be in New York, there are still plenty of other options to follow Cosmopolis Promo week. Click HERE to view the current schedule of events.

Also, submit questions for David Cronenberg and Robert Pattinson!

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