NYC Gets in the Limo Part 2: Cosmopolis premiere takes The Big Apple by storm!


Chauffeur Deb and I have been on a whirlwind the moment we hit NYC yesterday morning. We attended the classy, funny and awkwardly charming taping of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and his guest Robert Pattinson and then headed to MoMA for the premiere. Thank you, Martin for giving us that experience. 🙂

Producers Martin Katz and Paulo Branco bookend the dream team behind Cosmopolis, Robert Pattinson and David Cronenberg

Rob, David, Sarah and Paul

From The Hollywood Reporter:

Robert Pattinson showed no signs of a broken heart on Monday as he joinedCosmopolis director David Cronenberg and cast members Paul Giamatti, Sarah Gadon, Kevin Durand, Emily Hampshire and K’Naan for the film’s NY premiere.

Modern art met contemporary chic at the event hosted by the Peggy Siegal Company and Gucci. Celebrity guests were treated to Gucci sunglasses at the red carpet.

Pattinson fans camped out in front of the MoMa as early as Saturday night to catch a glimpse of the teen heartthrob turned serious actor.

Like the film, security was tight and even followed team: CronenRob down two flights of stairs at the MoMa into the screening of what may be the most dangerous haircut of the year.

Pattinson was all smiles at the afterparty at the Penthouse of the Dream Downtown as he mingled with Stanley Tucci and other friends while his security detail kept other partygoers at a distance.

Stanley Tucci, Al Roker and Deborah Roberts, “30 Rock” star Judah Friedlander and Miss USA Olivia Culpo also came out for the premiere.

Pattinson’s on-screen bodyguard, actor Durand, was off duty for the night, but also joined the conversation.

“He’s not as big in the movie,” Cronenberg joked about the 6’6″ actor who felt at home in the familiar role of protector.

“Ever since I was a child, I’ve always felt protective of my friends because of my genetic attributes,” Durand said.

“This looks like a scene out of the movie in a weird way,” Giamatti said at the Dream, a rooftop hotspot with a panoramic view of Manhattan. He added: “I never think of it as a specifically New York movie, but it’s nice to have it here and I’m glad that it’s finally opening here.”

The film may take place in NYC, but was filmed in Toronto.

“Its really exciting to bring Cosmopolis back to NY. It belongs here,” Cronenberg said, adding: “Spectacularly and wonderfully, none of it was shot in NY. It’s a very modern movie. It belongs in the MoMa.”

The Manhattan-centric story takes place mostly inside of Pattinson’s character’s limo.

“We were in this limo all of the time and David had this microphone in the limo. He doesn’t give much direction so you would just hear the voice of God coming into the limo saying ‘again, again.’” Hampshire told THR, adding:  “And the one time he said ‘that was very good,’ Rob and I were so happy! It was like Simon Cowell telling you that he liked you – it was great.”

The role is a departure for Pattinson, but the Twilight star said he was ready to take on the challenge.

“What made me decide was that the only thing that was stopping me was being scared and the only thing I could be scared of was being bad,” he explained.

Cronenberg adapted the story from DeLillo’s famous novel and confessed to THR:

“I really didn’t know I was writing a screenplay. I really thought I was just checking to see if I just took all of the dialogue out and transcribed it, would it be a movie? And lo and behold, there was a script. It was right there,” Cronenberg said of the script that he penned in just six days.

Giamatti has only one scene in the film, but it happens to be, as he describes, “a very long scene” and the last one in the film.

“I just thought it was a great part. I wanted to work with Cronenberg and I like Don DeLillo. You don’t ever get to do a 20-minute scene in a movie, so I had no idea if it would work and what it would be like. I liked the role too,” he told THR.

The actor added: “It felt like a little miniature play. It had a lot of movement and some interesting emotional stuff in it. It was really fun to do,” he said.

After the abstract and often violent content, premiere guests were ready for more lighthearted fun as they moved to the Dream to sip Ciroc cocktails and nosh on sliders at the low-key fete.

Click HERE to finish reading the report.

We have plenty of videos down below but here’s a quick one with the whole gang:

The Fashion of Robert Pattinson, Sarah Gadon and Emily Hampshire were also celebrated that night.

From GQ:

Rob Pattinson stepped out for a screening of his new film Cosmopolis last night looking a bit blue. We can’t blame the guy based on recent events but if this is him wearing his heart on his sleeve we’re fine with it. The actor rocked his go-to brand Gucci – which was appropriate considering creative director Frida Giannini dressed the actor for the flick in a strong shouldered black suit, white shirt, and black tie combo. Pattinson’s softer hued red carpet number keeps the sharp lines of Giannini’s gents but updates things from classic menswear to modern with one monochrome shirt. It works because the shirt is a different hue than the suit (had it been the same he would have created a sartorial black hole) and both are offset by a solid tie that, thanks to the lack of pattern, becomes a graphic element that anchors the look.

From The Fashion Court:

Sarah Gadon:

Joined by costar Robert Pattinson and director David Cronenberg, the 25-year-old Canadian actress selected this romantic sleeveless lace petroleum cocktail dress by Dolce & Gabbana that fit her body like a glove. The delicate Fall/Winter 2012 design features a jewel neckline and a scalloped hem. The vivid color was perfect for the quickly approaching fall season and beautifully bounced off of her bright blonde tresses.

She finished off with a glossy crimson pout, a pink jewel bracelet and a pair of semi-sheer black lace and satin Dolce & Gabbanaplatform pumps. I think a colorful shoe incorporating the shade of her dress would have been fun.

Emily Hampshire:

Emily looked effortless in a classic three-quarter sleeve black cocktail dress from the Pre-Fall 2012 collection byStella McCartney. The cut is very flattering for her and I especially like the careful attention Stella paid to the waist with light seams. Though the color was very dark for summer, I like that she brightened it lightly with little pops of color and print.

Emily completed her look with slanted black faux patent leather pumps — also from McCartney — with a thin ankle strap and a python printed heel. Her jewelry was from Bvlgari, which included gold earrings, matching bangles and a pretty citrine cocktail ring. She’s also carrying the “Serpenti” minaudière by Bvlgari with a thin chain strap.

Click HERE if you’d like to see more pictures of Robert Pattinson from the premiere and  HERE for other cast and celebrity appearances.

Click HERE for MTV interview and HERE for a good ET one with Rob, Paul, David, Emily and Sarah 🙂

Rob signing for fans outside

We’ll continue to bring you more from the awesome Cosmopolis promo week in NYC!

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