NYC Gets in the Limo Part 4: Times Talk with David Cronenberg and Robert Pattinson

UPDATE: YouTube of the awesome Q&A

Last night, The New York Times had David Cronenberg and Robert Pattinson as their Times Talk guests. Once again, Chauffeur Tink and I were in the audience and enjoyed ninety minutes of Cosmopolis talk. The interview was kept mostly spoiler free (no major spoilers, just a few direct dialogue references) and contained some great new insights. Rob talked a lot about preparing and creating his Eric Packer character. David got pretty philosophical; fascinating stuff about capitalism and humanity. We thoroughly enjoyed the event and, as fans of the movie, came away with new things to look for in our next Cosmopolis viewing. It was great to watch the clips with David and Rob present too. Rob watched the clips intently and seemed (rightly so) really pleased and proud. He commented that seeing the clips made him want to watch the movie again. Us too, Rob. Us too.

And you might have noticed, if there are beautiful photos… we’re going to post a few. Click to make them huge. 🙂

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5 Responses to NYC Gets in the Limo Part 4: Times Talk with David Cronenberg and Robert Pattinson

  1. cmck says:

    hey! i was there too it was excellent. i can’t wait to see the film this weekend. would you happen to know where i can get one of those get in the limo buttons you guys had? i would LOVE one!! and any ideas on when the film is available for purchase??? thanks!!!

  2. Cristy says:

    OMG i can’t wait to see the movie. I have a question, do you know if Cosmopolis is coming to Latin America?

  3. luckymecandy says:

    So glad to see you girls are enjoying the fruits of your labor.

  4. gardenlilie says:

    I watched this morning…so cool. Nice to see all relaxed and real answers with in depth questions. Good for y’all did they ask your ? I thought the interviewer was well prepared.

    • Sus says:

      Incredible Q & A! I love the relationship between Rob and David C. I feel Rob looks up to him as a mentor, and he looks at Rob as a son. I’m so happy he has support like David around him right now! I have to say (as an older hOOr), that I fell a little in love w/David, and more in love with Rob. Their intelligence and warmth came through. I envy you lucky ladies who were privy to be there!

      Now, if they would only show “Cosmopolis” in Orange Co., CA!!!

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