Cosmopolis debuts strong in the US and more markets open up across the country!

Gotta love seeing that, right? Cosmopolis was the number 1 film per sreen average this past weekend for their US debut. Bringing in impressive figures on just 3 screens, Deadline‘s Specialty Box Office reported the following:

“Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis strong in debut…”

Cosmopolis launched its run in the U.S. and qualified as a master of the specialty universe – at least this weekend. After a blitz of media coverage worthy of a studio blockbuster, the David Cronenberg-directed, Robert Pattinson-starrer averaged a fairly impressive $24K-plus in three locations Stateside. The Cannes opener somehow failed to impress Canadian audiences when it opened in early summer (distributor Entertainment One reported its North American cume at $268,900, which includes Canada). Next week, eOne will add 20 markets in the U.S. followed by more at the end of the month.

Screenshot: BoxOfficeMojo


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5 Responses to Cosmopolis debuts strong in the US and more markets open up across the country!

  1. Tink,
    If I were a member of the Pattinson team, I would be eternally grateful to you and to your blog. Money can’t buy the support and devotion that you have given Cosmopolis, Cronenberg and Rob. We may need to check with the IRS, but I am thinking that there should be tax deductions for investments made toward the success of a movie. I believe you would use IRobS Form 2012. Young lady, you are a force to be reckoned with. Congratulations are in order. You are partially responsible for Cosmopolis’ #1 status. Thank you, for your tireless and thankless efforts to provide us with front row access to Rob’s promotional tour. We could start donating frequent flyer miles toward your next Rob film adventures and events!

    • tinkrbe1l3 says:

      you are TOO kind to me! im just a lucky fan with the right day job that allows me plenty of time to run around supporting that guy and fangirling. it also helps that im not the mothering type and have no kids or a ball and chain LOL

      joking aside though, thank you always for your kind words. they are encouraging more than you know.

      • Tink,
        A ball, a chain and a few apron strings can definitely slow one down! Unless, of course, you use the apron as a superhero cape and wield the ball on the chain as your crime deterrent! It’s all about how you look at life! It appears that you have a great support system that motivates you. Good friends and a great focal point are very good motivators. You seem very driven, independent and fiercely loyal. These characteristics are fantastic examples for many of the young people who follow you online. You may not have a ball and chain to wield (or slow you down) but your words are mighty powerful.
        Continued success!

  2. Jan Labrick says:

    I’m disappointed in my fellow Canadians, given the poor showing here. I loved the film and saw it 4 times, I roped several friends into seeing it and half enjoyed it; the others, emphatically, did not. Some people like to be challenged by a film, others want only popcorn. I plan to get the DVD.

    • deb24601 says:

      I hear you Jan. I feel it wasn’t properly promoted in Canada either. David Cronenberg films tend to be that way, a love/hate thing. You’ve heard about the encore presentation in Toronto? Hopefully that will be well attended now that US critics have their reviews out.

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