STICKY POST: Where can I see Cosmopolis if I live in the USA?? Theater info and purchase links

Words to live by for supporting Cosmopolis:

UPDATE: More information on theaters has been added to the eOne facebook page.


  • Railroad Square Cinema 3, Waterville, ME
  • Manor 4, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Fleur Cinema, Des Moines, IA
  • Dundee (Art), Omaha, NE
  • Main Art Theatre, Royal Oak, MI
  • Celebration Cinema Rivertown, Grandville, MI
  • Celebration Cinema 19, Lansing, MI
  • Moxie Cinema 2, Springfield, MO
  • Ragtag Cinema, Columbia, MO
  • Tivoli Theatre, University City, MO
  • Cine Theatre, Athens, GA
  • Downtown West Cinema 8, Knoxville, TN
  • Sundance Cinemas 8, Houston, TX
  • De Vargas Mall 6, Santa Fe, NM
  • Beach Boulevard 18, Jacksonville, FL
  • Gainesville Cinema 14, Gainesville, FL
  • Ridgeway 4, Memphis, TN
  • Theatres at Canal Place, New Orleans, LA
  • Circle Cinema, Tulsa, OK
  • Lyric Cinema Café 2, Fort Collins, CO
  • Chinese 6, Hollywood, CA
  • The Palm Theatre, San Luis Obispo, CA
  • Kahala Theatres 8, Honolulu, HI
  • Valley River Center Stadium 15, Eugene, OR
  • Opera Plaza Cinemas 4, San Francisco, CA

MORE after the cut….the movie is moving out of previous locations so check your local theaters

CANADA UPDATE: Beginning Friday, Aug 24th, Cosmopolis will have a one week encore presentation at Canada Square in Toronto. Click HERE for theatre info and showtimes.


eOne also spoke to Deadline about the distribution and promotion of Cosmopolis. From Deadline:

Entertainment One picked up Cosmopolis as a finished film just ahead of its premiere at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. The film opened soon after its somewhat disappointing box office debut in Cronenberg’s native Canada, although the barrage of press in the U.S. surrounding the film’s main star, Robert Pattinson, and his legion of die-hard fans may provide the title some reversal of fortune at least initially. Beyond the hype, it should also play well to Cronenberg’s most ardent fans noted eOne’s VP theatrical, marketing and distribution Dylan Wiley. “I think this movie is Cronenberg at his most ‘Cronenbergiest,” said Wiley. Pattinson and Cronenberg “have a wide audience and if they catch on, we’ll take it out as wide as it will go.” Wiley noted that the natural audiences for Pattinson, Cronenberg and Cosmopolis novelist David DeLillo don’t “share much overlap,” so the potential appeal is wide. “On the marketing side, it’s about harnessing the multiple awareness we already have. Obviously Pattinson has his fan-base and Don LeLillo has his target audience. Cronenberg has a bit older, smart and affluent following along with younger males and the hipster crowd.”

Asked if the recent flurry of Pattinson-centered press that erupted following revelations of relationship trouble with his Twilight Saga co-star Kristen Stewart had changed any of their marketing or release plans, Wiley said no. “To Rob’s credit, he has fulfilled everything he’s been asked to do and more,” said Wiley. “It’s a testament to him personally and also about what he feels about this movie and what it means to him and his development as an actor. [For him] the focus has been only on the movie. He’s been very professional in keeping the focus on his work for Cosmopolis.” The film’s U.S. release this weekend had already been pre-set months ago. “We’re doing an accelerated platform release, playing the Landmark in Los Angeles and the Sunshine and Lincoln Center in New York,” said Wiley. “Cronenberg will do Q&As at Lincoln Center. We know the audiences there will be naturally huge for him because of the number of fans he has in New York, and we expect the film to play there a long time. Next week, we’ll add 20 markets and then around the 31st, we’ll add more which will bring the film up to about 50 markets.”

Did you see Robert Pattinson on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart? Well if you missed it, he had a special request for everyone to go see Cosmopolis this weekend in NYC and LA. It’s only on like…1.62 screens but he wants us to outsell The Dark Knight. Cool.

Um…how do we do this?

Ok, but really….how do we do this?

Ok. Done. Where do I buy 8 tickets, Rob?

Film Society Lincoln Center-NY:



Easy peasy 🙂 I have my tickets. Hope to see you there!

via: eOneFilms

P.S. We’ll post more theaters for next week when the film expands to more markets. For now? We’re looking at you, LA and NYC.

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12 Responses to STICKY POST: Where can I see Cosmopolis if I live in the USA?? Theater info and purchase links

  1. Cosmonerd says:

    Such a pleasure to visit your site after leaving the other one. Like stepping into the Rothko Chapel. So calm and focused on the art. Love it.

  2. pinkcandles says:

    Yay! I finally got my tickets for LA (Saturday)! Online ticketing was finally available. My husband and I are making the trip up this weekend. I plan to see it again when it opens in San Diego the next weekend!

  3. Sus says:

    Have you heard anywhere it might be playing in Orange County, CA? The “O.C.”?

  4. Joy says:

    When will it come to Virginia?

  5. luckymecandy says:

    I’m going to see it! I repeat I am going to see Cosmopolis!!!!!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

  6. kathy carrillo says:

    does anyone know which theatre in rocky hills nj considering that town technically doesnt have a theatre.

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  8. Nashville, TN is FINALLY getting in the limo this weekend!!!!!!!!

  9. Brittany says:

    I would like to see this…But in Boise, Idaho…doubt it will be released, not much of a “market” ha!!

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