Blu-ray Review: @HeyUGuys talks up Cosmopolis, David Cronenberg and Robert Pattinson

You gotta love a Blu-ray ‘Cosmopolis’ review that makes you want to watch the movie again RIGHT NOW! Alas, we’re still waiting in North America, but UK film sites are posting fantastic write-ups. Here’s a great one from Hey U Guys!

We’ve excerpted a few favourite passages but be sure to check out the full article at

The fact that a book is described as ‘unfilmable’ has never put off David Cronenberg. In 1992 he released the flawed but fascinating adaptation of William S.Burroughs seminal Naked Lunch then in 1996 came the controversy which surrounded his version of JG Ballard’s Crash which was sadly ignored in favour of the outrage which overwhelmed the film. Now for his latest adaptation of tricky material Cronenberg turns to Don DeLillo and his novel Cosmopolis which it seems he has literally copied and pasted on to film as the film makes no concessions for the five times a year multiplex customer at all.


Cosmopolis is probably the most un-Cronenberg thing that David Cronenberg has ever done. It has the cold detached eye of much of his work but here is presented in an unusual way and without the usual recognisable body horror tropes and Howard Shore score that goes with it. Shore’s work here is minimal and really outside of what we usually get from him, more of a propulsive hum than a regular orchestral accompaniment.


On Robert Pattinson’s performance:

His work in Cosmopolis proves that he is actually the real deal, Pattinson is in every scene and carries the film with ease having to cope with heavy dialogue in scenes that seem to favour a really long take. His portrayal of the character is flawless, a world of pain in his eyes always simmering below the surface of his controlled and manicured exterior.

Check the side bar for links to purchase or pre-order your copy of ‘Cosmopolis’. Available in North America on New Years Day.

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