Cahiers Du Cinema Top 10 Of 2012: ‘Cosmopolis’ scores high on the list!

Congratulations and champagne for all in the limo! ‘Cahiers Du Cinema’ has announced their annual top ten films of the year and ‘Cosmopolis’ is very high on the list! Check it out.

From IndieWire:

Well, Thanksgiving has barely started and the first top ten list of 2012 has arrived from the snooty folks (kidding guys, we love you) at French movie bible Cahiers Du Cinema, and as usual, it’s pretty…eclectic…

If you ever doubted the magazine’s dedication to AUTEURS, this list will set your mind at ease. Topping it is Leos Carax‘s celebrated (and somewhat divisive) poem to the movies themselves, “Holy Motors,” which we suspect will be finding its way to many lists as the year winds down. Equally divisive, David Cronenberg‘s “Cosmopolis” slots into second place, but from there, things get a bit funky.

To see the rest of the list and read the entire article click HERE.

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