Great ‘Cosmopolis’ review from Static Mass “Robert Pattinson is magnetic” Plus: Eric Packer in Movie Mashup video


Fantastic review from StaticMass. Here are some of our favourite bits but the whole piece is excellent, please do check it out HERE.

The very best films, the ones we tend to really love, inspire a blend of enjoyment and admiration. We feel the thrills of the plot whilst enjoying the acting, or the camerawork. In addition to this we’re often able to relate to the core values of the piece; extrapolating, correctly or not, the filmmaker’s themes and objectives. Their point. On occasion, however, a film’s credits roll up the screen and we find ourselves confounded by something that was utterly engrossing, but at the same time, bewildering. And so to Cosmopolis.


Fully embracing the style of the source material, Cosmopolis is an utterly distancing and at times, plain weird affair. Whether this is in its sharp visuals, its stilted and strange dialogue delivery, its vignette structure, its purposely unrealistic CGI or its obscured meanings, we’re not being pulled in but forced away. This really struck me throughout both viewings and is, I think, central to setting up the character of Eric Packer right from the start.

Disguised behind his dark glasses, and spouting esoteric pseudo-intellectual philosophy, Robert Pattinson is magnetic as the young billionaire (much to my surprise). (Note from Chauffeur Deb: not ours 😉 )


As he has various sexual encounters, tries to buy expensive artworks (via Juliet Binoche), or discusses economic theory (with Samantha Morton), Eric is grasping for something and slowly unravelling as he does. The shades go, then the tie, then the jacket. His final confrontation is with the man who wants to kill him (Paul Giamatti) and he claims that Eric is self-destructing. Is this purely akin to Icarus as is suggested, or are we seeing a more calculated suicide? As his theorist earlier summarises, “Destroy the past; make the future.”  In fact, it could well be read that the final confounding conversation between these two men is actually occurring in Packer’s imagination. (Note from Chauffeur Deb: I said this in my review too!)

There’s doubtless an awful lot more than can be said about Cosmopolis (even in this piece of mentioned things I’ve not been able to explore further), and I’m sure that there are myriad other, equally interesting readings of what it’s all about. All I know is that whilst it’s by no means perfect, it’s utterly spellbinding and I’m thoroughly looking forward to reading DeLillo’s book.

This is a great mashup video of the year’s best movies. Watch for Eric but stay for the year in review… How many did you see? It was a great year for movies. 🙂

Mashup via Indiewire

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