Cosmopolis in Top 10 for Best Ensemble + Placement in Best Film, Director, Performances and MORE

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Indiewire’s 7th Annual Year-End Critics Poll definitely gave us something to toot the limo horn about. Check out all the rankings for Cosmopolis, the highest honor being for Best Ensemble. Congrats to David Cronenberg and his cast and crew!

The film also made a few more lists since we last posted:

  • IFC: The Independent Film Channel named Unforgettable Movie Moments of 2012 and Cosmopolis made their cut: Eric Parker (Robert Pattinson) travels through Manhattan in his tricked-out limo in “Cosmopolis.”
  • Icon Film Distribution: Australian distributors named the Top 10 Actors of 2012 and Robert Pattinson was included as Eric Packer.
  • Chicagoist: Naming the top 10 films of 2012: Cosmopolis (directed by David Cronenberg, 2012) The old, weird, paranoid Cronenberg is back. With a vengeance, typified by a thoroughly offputting scene where Robert Pattinson’s reclusive billionaire undergoes another one of his daily medical exams. He points out a weird spot on his skin, and asks the physician, “What do we do about this?” The physician benignly replies, “Let it express itself.” Thank goodness for home video, where peculiar movies like this can bubble up to the surface again. -Rob Christopher

Cosmopolis is available NOW HERE & HERE!

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2 Responses to Cosmopolis in Top 10 for Best Ensemble + Placement in Best Film, Director, Performances and MORE

  1. luckymecandy says:

    Awesome. Hoping Cosmopolis becomes a cult classic.

  2. Pingback: This also. Kevin Durand is a favorite unconventional performance for 2012 in Cosmopolis as Torval! | Cosmopolis – The Movie Fansite. Film by David Cronenberg starring Robert Pattinson

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