It Charts! ‘Cosmopolis’ continues to park the limo on Best Of lists for 2012! “A ride that should be taken”


We can’t get enough of this! People continue to post about their appreciation for Cosmopolis and ranking the film in their end-of-the-year lists.

  • Cinemart: Number 1 Film of 2012!Cosmopolis is as talky as screwball comedy and as visually wild as only cinema can be…A truly special work that demands you pay attention all the way, this one will stick in your head for weeks.”
  • Cinemablend: 10 out of 10 top films of 2012: “To get across a story of a man so wealthy he feels above everyone and everything, Cronenberg made his movie revolting, and in doing so delivered a more fascinating and bolder political message about the age of Operation Wall Street than any other filmmaker has yet dared.”
  • Movie Maker: 9 out of 12 best of 2012: “Producing an outstanding interpretation with R-Patz laying waste to the doubters, Cosmopolis showed no restraint in taking pot shots at the current climate. Eric Packer more fussed about haircuts and money than the president being in town.. Superficial nonsense taking centre stage rather than the ’important’ issues in the media? Abstract yet mesmerising.”
  • Cinemablend: 1 of the 12 most unfairly overlooked films of 2012: “David Cronenberg’s truly bizarre, alienating film isn’t for everyone, but its pitiful $763,000 box office take is proof that even the art house crowds who would embrace it haven’t bothered to see it. Give it a shot for the sake of seeing Robert Pattinson put his vampire blankness to good use, for surreal moments of random violence, for the most uncomfortable prostate exam ever put to film (is there such a thing as a comfortable one?)”
  • Yuppee Mag: 10 out of 10 top films of 2012: “Cronenberg has created a work of pure postmodern beauty. It’s not an easy ride but its one that should certainly be taken.”
  • Flavorwire: 27 out of 30 for best movie poster 2012: “Elegant and dangerous. The art encapsulates everything about David Cronenberg’s brooding drama.”
  • L Magazine: 4 out of 25 best films of 2012: “Cronenberg’s first comedy is his best film, and also his worst. He is working at his peak with the sound design, score, abstract humor and prescient themes (when big money, big art, arch DeLillo dialogue and other patriarchal glories have suddenly lost their relevancy). Then Paul Giamatti hams it up in the last scene and ruins everything.”
  • Some Came Running: 6 out of 25 best films of 2012

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