The Author

Raised in the Italian neighborhood of the Bronx in New York, Don DeLillo received a catholic education at Fordham University. He first worked as a creative writer in an advertisement agency.

His first novel, Americana, witnesses his will to analyze the social substrate, showing, like writers as Dos Passos or Kerouac, the psychology of unconventional characters inserted in microcosms. DeLillo’s phantasmagorical narratives reveal a postmodernist final perspective of contemporary America.

Being a true pioneer of American literature, he explores themes like football (End Zone, 1972), rock music (Great Jones Street, 1973) and the background of J. F. Kennedy’s assassination, which had a big influence in Libra (1988).

Through Cosmopolis, published in 2003, he once again delivers his pessimistic perception of a complex and chaotic world, in complete dereliction.

In 2007, Don DeLillo published Falling Man, a book in which 9.11 is the starting point.
With his last novel praised by the critics, Point Omega (2010), the writer gives a new proof of his talent.



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