The Release Dates

This page will continuously update as dates are revealed. Dates subject to change. Click the links to view the source.


Portugal – Aug. 31st

France – Sept. 25th

UK – October 8 (Click HERE to pre-order DVD. HERE for Blu-ray)


France | Hungary | Italy | Belgium screening – May 25th

Switzerland | Belgium | Luxemberg – May 30th

Portugal – May 31st

Philippines (rumored) – June 6th

Netherlands | Croatia – June 7th

Canada – June 8th

Russia – June 13th

Ukraine (rumored) – June 14th

UK – June 15th

Poland – June 22nd

Israel – June 28th

Germany – July 5th

Czech Republic & Slovakia – July 12th

Australia – Aug. 2nd

USA – Aug. 17th

Brazil – Aug. 17th

Turkey – Oct. 26th

New Zealand – Nov 1st

Argentina – Feb. 7, 2013

Dates reported on the official Cosmopolis website. Click HERE for the latest from the official site. Also via Spunk Ransom.


55 Responses to The Release Dates

  1. Stephanie Assaad says:

    And the Release Date for Germany ???????

  2. Andrea says:

    the Swiss distributor (Falcom) for the german speaking regions says “spring” so far…

  3. katia says:

    Woohoo!!! I get to see Cosmopolis in May.

  4. Paoo says:


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  6. Chi says:

    How about the Philippines?

  7. how about Indonesia?

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  9. Sofia Grey says:

    How about Greece?

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  11. anita says:

    What about the USA?

  12. itka says:

    What about Poland???

  13. sunnyshiney says:

    Yeah, what about the U.S? Don’t we get a date? Please don’t make us wait until the end of the year!

  14. Helen says:

    what about the UK??

  15. camila says:

    what about Chile?

  16. ashley says:

    Is this movie going to be released In the United States like in Ohio?

  17. kemala puji says:

    the Release Date for Indonesian pleaseeee

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  20. kez cullen says:

    just a heads up= just checked the cineman site here in switzerland and it is opening here on the french speaking cantons also on may 23rd….i feel a trip to geneva coming on!!

  21. Mary Pat says:

    I’d better take my heart medicine the day it comes out here in the US

  22. T.W says:

    When will it be released in the US?????????

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  24. kayla says:

    duh what about america!!!!?

  25. Connie R says:

    Release it is USA first for a change

  26. Mandy Noctor says:

    Anyone know when Cosmopolis is being released in Ireland???

  27. R/K Clan says:

    I there a release date for Indonesia?

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  29. iloveurob says:

    Can we please get a release date for the US? PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! Gawd i need to see Rob again! I read the book and I loved it.

  30. brittany says:

    Release date for the US?

  31. The release date for Brazil hasn’t changed (Aug 17th). The date shown on the portuguese version of the site is for Portugal.

  32. Rubie Barrios says:

    Is this movie coming out in United States? It HAS too!

  33. Brenda Silva says:

    Are we going to have to wait for Netflix or somesuch in the USA? Teaser Trailer = Cardiac Arrest if kept waiting too long!

  34. ale valle says:

    What about usa??? Did we get to see it???

  35. As you can tell, there are people in the US who are on the edges of their nerves, waiting for a release date. Count me in!

  36. carlab says:

    Do they (web manager) ever read these posts…. look at all they requests for dates in the US and yet no reply. Seriously…considering the movie is supposed to be based (not filmed in) in New York one would think that the first premier would have been shown there. I heard rumors of a USA release in August but that was just a rumor. Why are the release dates so scattered? several months apart? That doesn’t make sense.

    • tinkrbe1l3 says:

      We just fans so we don’t know when films are released until it’s announced online. The release dates are scattered because the distributors are all different for different countries. They decided when the film will be released for their country. eOne is the distributor for the US and felt August 17th will be the best time for them to release the film. The date is August 17th. It’s not a rumor. If you click on the link for the US date above, you’ll be taken to the post that shared that info. The inirelease, however, will be limited.

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  39. robluv says:

    how about the release dates here in the US??
    i can’t wait 2 go watch it 🙂

  40. braliya says:

    Will you premiere in los angeles. I see a premiere in New York. I heard great reviews about the movie. Will the movie show exactly how it is written on the book?

  41. Raquel says:

    I see the movie released on Aug 17 in the US. Will it come out to Arizona?

  42. Jessica Coo says:

    What about Mexico????

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